Centaurus: Fish Stories/ Historias de Pesca

Written by CAP Instructor Erin Angel (Escrito en español más abajo) What is the saying: even a bad day of fishing beats a good day of work? Well, we had a great day of fishing, which surely beats just about anything. At the beginning of the semester the students of the Centaurus High School class… Read more »


Feeling Lucky: Centaurus’ Biking Field Trip

Written by CAP Instructor Erin Angel (Escrito en español más abajo) The Centaurus High School CAP class partnered with Lucky to Ride for our September Field Day. Feeling actually lucky to ride, 13 intrepid humans hailing from seven different countries came together for a joyful day of mountain biking and building community. We’ll leave it… Read more »

Centaurus CAP Class Garden Action Project


Centaurus Students Cap Semester with Garden Project

In this long, long school year full of challenges, what I was looking forward to most was teaching this group of students at Centaurus High School. I saw the class list at the beginning of the school year and recognized some amazing returning students and a class that was well-balanced between English language learners and… Read more »

CI Happy Hour Beer Tasting


Celebrating our partners at the 2021 CI Happy Hour!

“Awesome things happen when you get awesome people together.” -Ford Church If there were a guiding philosophy that underlies everything we do here at Cottonwood Institute, that might just be it; from students to instructors and partners to donors, this past year has only reinforced that CI’s strength truly lies in its people. So when… Read more »


Centaurus Students Fight Powerlessness by Creating Change

So much has happened to high school students this year. During a time in life where they are supposed to be seeking out new opportunities and finding themselves, their wings have been clipped and they are stuck in the nest, disengaged from the world around them. So much change is happening in the world that… Read more »

CAP Instructor Erin Assembles Thrival Kits // CAP classes make most of online semester


Thrival Kits Help CAP Students Stay Connected to the Natural World!

With schools transitioning to distance learning and students spending (understandably) less time outside, Cottonwood Institute has been faced with the tough question of how to make environmental education accessible and relevant in a time when we can’t do many of the things that normally make up a CAP Class. Fortunately, our team has quite a… Read more »

Coal Creek Flood Restoration


AMS + CHS CAP Classes Combine for Coal Creek Cleanup

On a serendipitous sunny day in February, forces aligned to restore Coal Creek from the 2013 floods. Lafayette CAP Outdoor students from Centaurus High School and Angevine Middle School worked with Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, the City of Lafayette, and Biologists from University of Colorado to plant willows to shore up the banks of the flood-damaged… Read more »