STRIVE Prep – Federal Students Find Wonder at White Ranch

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STRIVE Prep Federal Explore Outside

Fire is both destructive and a source of regeneration. The students of STRIVE Prep – Federal took this lesson of the duality of fire to everything they accomplished over the two weeks of their Explore Outside program. They broke down barriers and generated new and incredible skills! The students came together to overcome challenges, spend… Read more »

Sunnyside Students Explore Outside

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STRIVE Sunnyside Explore Outside

Beginning my first season as a Cottonwood Instructor, I was thrilled to hit the ground running with one of our Explore Outside programs! On June 1st, our two-week program with STRIVE Prep – Sunnyside 8th graders began. During our time together, we covered all kinds of content that got us exploring the natural world. We… Read more »

Centaurus Students Cap Semester with Garden Project

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Centaurus CAP Class Garden Action Project

In this long, long school year full of challenges, what I was looking forward to most was teaching this group of students at Centaurus High School. I saw the class list at the beginning of the school year and recognized some amazing returning students and a class that was well-balanced between English language learners and… Read more »

AXL CAP Class Faces Off With Complex Issues

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AXL CAP Takes on Complex Issues

Years tend to demonstrate themes. Many of the mantras of 2020 and 2021 revolved around perseverance, tenacity, and responding to unprecedented challenges. If one theme were assigned to the Aurora Expeditionary Learning Academy (AXL) CAP class of 2020-2021, it would be complexity. Not only were these students faced with changing schedules and online classes, but… Read more »

Stewardship Youth Corps Finishes Inaugural Program in Lafayette

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Lafayette Stewardship Interns

In September 2020, Cottonwood Institute partnered with Wildlands Restoration Volunteers (WRV), Thorne Nature Experience, Nature Kids Lafayette, and the City of Lafayette to launch a stewardship internship program for nine Lafayette high school students. The goal was to create a paid environmental job opportunity that also supported the students’ social and emotional well-being. The cohort… Read more »

Celebrating Changemakers at the 2021 Base Camp Bash

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2021 Base Camp Bash

Every year we gather our whole CI community for our annual Base Camp Bash—a night of celebration and stories, fun and fundraising. The theme of this year’s Base Camp Bash was “Changemakers,” but who exactly is a Changemaker? We couldn’t have said it better than Kevin Cano, Lafayette Stewardship Intern and winner of this year’s… Read more »

Trail Games – A Changemaker Program Trip Report

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Changemaker Program Overnight

Trail games are the spontaneous games you play when you have infinite time and imagination and easy rapport with good friends. On CI’s first overnight trip since the pandemic began, the students in our Changemaker Program craved nothing more than being outdoors together. As we wandered up to Solitude Point at Cal-wood, we started playing… Read more »