Centaurus CAP Class Inaugural Epic Backpacking Adventure

It was a dark and stormy morning, when intrepid CAP class students from Centaurus High School set out for their inaugural epic backpacking adventure! They embarked on their uphill journey to Mica Mine at Cal-Wood, slipping and sliding through mud and snow with ginormous packs weighing them down, footsteps sinking deep. Arriving at the campsite,… Read more »


Centaurus CAP Class Students Enjoy A Fall Day Hike

Fall is a busy time for everyone, but high school students may be the busiest of all. Last Saturday students from the Centaurus High School CAP class and a student from the Centaurus Outdoor Club sneaked in a big ol’ day hike before their homecoming dance. Some students get their hair or nails done for… Read more »

Eight Brave Adventurers Journey to Calwood!


Brave Centaurus CAP Adventurers Journey to Cal-Wood!

If you have ever wondered what happens when you disconnect teenagers from their technology… Once upon a time, eight brave adventurers set out to explore the wilderness of the mysterious woods of Calwood Camp in Jamestown, Colorado. They had packed all they would need and met sharply at eight am as the talking eagle required. The great… Read more »