Get out of the house this summer for an unforgettable adventure with the Cottonwood Institute. Practice cool survival skills, meet new people, and tackle local environmental issues to help change the world!

Endangered Wolves and Animal Tracking

We will work in conjunction with Mission: Wolf to learn about the ecology, habitat, reintroduction efforts, and controversy surrounding endangered wolves, while practicing essential wilderness survival skills and animal tracking and completing important projects to care for captive wolves and their habitat. Date: July 6 – 12, 2010. Location: Gardner, Colorado. Age: 12 – 14 years old. To register for this course, please click the Register For A Course Today! link or call us at 303.447.1076. Scholarships are available.

Wildland Firefighter Project

We have the unique opportunity to work with Colorado Firecamp to learn about fire ecology, fire behavior, receive real wildland firefighter training, and practice wilderness survival skills, while completing much needed wildfire mitigation projects to reduce the fuel load and fire danger in the Upper Arkansas Valley. 

Horse Caretaker Project

We will collaborate with Sundance Lodge to practice essential camping and wilderness survival skills, basic horseback riding skills, and we will work together to complete much-needed horse caretaking projects.

Stone Age Survival Project

We will team up with Earth Knack to learn stone-age survival skills, including: stone tools, stone knives, primitive weapons, friction fire, and shelter construction and complete environmental service projects, including: gardening, composting, fire mitigation, and green building projects, while learning how to reduce our environmental footprint in this modern age. 

Mountain Biking Survival Project

We are excited to partner with Singletrack Mountain Bike Adventures to offer this exciting course. We will spend the week mountain biking and exploring the trails in the mountains west of Boulder, practicing survival skills, learning how to use components of our bikes to survive, and completing trail maintenance and restoration work to give back to the land. 

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