AXL Academy Enjoys A Fall Camping Adventure at Cheley Outpost


AXL Academy Enjoys a Fall Camping Adventure at Cheley Outpost

After weeks of preparing, AXL Academy’s CAP class set off with 9 excited students, 1 AXL Academy chaperone, and 3 Cottonwood Institute instructors to Cheley Outpost just outside of Meeker Park. Many students had never been camping before and were looking forward to the camping trip all trimester. On the drive up we stretched our legs… Read more »


Centaurus CAP Class Students Enjoy A Fall Day Hike

Fall is a busy time for everyone, but high school students may be the busiest of all. Last Saturday students from the Centaurus High School CAP class and a student from the Centaurus Outdoor Club sneaked in a big ol’ day hike before their homecoming dance. Some students get their hair or nails done for… Read more »


NVHS Students Discover their Best Self

“It was terrible, it was awesome”. Who are you when you are at your center? Who are you when you are your best self? These were the questions we asked the New Vista High School Community Adventure Program (CAP) students before we embarked on our backpacking trip to Taylor Mountain. We all have experiences that… Read more »