KSPA CAP Club Students


KSPA CAP Club Students Report on Water Unit, Field Trip

The students of KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy (KSPA) worked together to create “news briefings” to share what they have done over the last month in CAP club, including their recent Field Day to Denver’s Johnson Habitat Park. A mixture of professionalism and silliness ensued as the students got into “newscaster” mode with their scripts: After… Read more »

CI Instructor Training 3/2019


CI Spring Instructor Training: An Exercise in Adaptability

Every time we venture outdoors, whether for a day hike or for a month-long trek, we accept a certain level of uncertainty. Informed preparation and risk management are of course essential practices, but it is our ability to adapt to changing circumstances that more often determines the success of a trip. Even the most meticulously… Read more »

Aleyna Porreca Instructing at Mission:Wolf


Alumni Spotlight: Aleyna Porreca

If you’ve been part of the Cottonwood Institute family for while, Aleyna Porreca will already be a familiar face. After taking a CAP class at New Vista High School, Aleyna returned to CI as a Field Instructor back in 2010. Aleyna has been an amazing advocate for Cottonwood Institute’s mission and has gone on some… Read more »

Best Of Spring 2019: Astrea Strawn


Alumni Spotlight: Astrea Strawn

We always love to hear about the ways Cottonwood Institute students bring their CI experiences with them into the world. CAP New Vista Alumna Astrea Strawn has made the outdoors a major part of her life, working as an outdoor educator and now pursuing a masters in marine sciences at Oregon State University.   What… Read more »


Alumni Spotlight: Chloe Woodruff

Traveling is just dream for many, but not for Chloe Woodruff, a Cottonwood Institute alumnus, whom we caught up with recently. Taking one of the first ever CAP classes, Chloe has come a long way from being a timid adolescent back in the day.  Now she’s in charge! What are you up to these days?I… Read more »