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A Snowy Overnight Adventure with AXL Academy 8th Graders

Students Enjoy Snowball Fights, Baseball, and Moonlit Walks on a Trip to Cal-Wood Education Center. Written by Caroline Paul.

An AXL Academy 8th grader stands at bat during a game of baseball AXL Academy 8th graders spent an extraordinary overnight trip at Cal-Wood Education Center near Jamestown, Colorado. What started as exceptionally warm leaned its way to a beautiful overnight snowfall.

AXL students spent the early afternoon learning about squirrel family dynamics and even practiced defending their squirrel caches. Though much of the snow had melted, we could find a snowy north slope to build snow forts and have snowball fights! Some students spent hours carefully perfecting their buildings, while others enjoyed defending their castles from the other team. As it grew colder, many teens moved to a sunny hill to play a game of baseball, where they stayed until the sunset.

AXL Academy 8th grade students huddle together happily in the snowAfter warming up by the fire and eating dinner, we took a casual night walk. The full moon’s light brought out a carefree nature, and students giggled and played in a way not often seen in teens.

An AXL Academy 8th grader makes a snow angelIn the morning, we awoke to a beautiful three inches of fresh snow. Rather than the activities we had planned, instructors decided the day would be much better spent enjoying the spontaneity and childlike wonder that comes from actively falling snow and fresh powder. Students had fun sliding down snow hills, destroying their fort from the previous day, and making snow angels.

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