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Together for Tomorrow: A Cottonwood-ELK Collaboration Sparks Youth Enthusiasm for Environmental Careers

Inspiring the Next Wave of Environmental Stewards: How This Collaborative Event Is Helping Shape the Future of Outdoor and Environmental Advocacy. Written by Associate Director & Senior Instructor Chelsea Tossing.

A student poses at the Outdoor and Environmental Opportunity FairWith a shared vision of empowering young people and fostering a deeper connection with nature, Cottonwood Institute and Environmental Learning for Kids (ELK) brought together 20 passionate professionals and 40 teens for our first annual Outdoor and Environmental Opportunity Fair.

Led by our Youth Steering Committee, participants had the chance to explore diverse pathways in outdoor and environmental fields and gained insights from professionals who shared their experiences and expertise. From wildlife conservationists to outdoor educators, HR professionals to CEOs, our presenters offered valuable guidance and opened doors to exciting new opportunities.A student absorbs information at the Outdoor and Environmental Opportunity Fair

By providing a platform for teens to explore their interests and connect with professionals in the field, we hope events like our Opportunity Fair can serve as a catalyst for nurturing the next generation of environmental stewards and outdoor enthusiasts.

We’re grateful to the many community members who came out in support of empowering youth and shaping a brighter, more sustainable future, and a huge thank you to the Colorado Parks & Wildlife Partners in the Outdoors Grant and the Tony Grampsas Youth Services Program for making this collaboration possible!

Students at the Outdoor and Environmental Opportunity Fair Students at the Outdoor and Environmental Opportunity Fair

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