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Student Poetry Inspired by Winter Angevine Middle School Trip

Recently the Angevine Middle School CAP class experienced a wild and wonderful winter field day at Caribou Ranch Open Space. One of our aims was tracking, which was made difficult due to extremely high winds and lack of snow but we did see fresh coyote tracks!  While we were enjoying lunch, a mini-blizzard came through; luckily, we had built debris shelters to protect us from the blizzard!  Upon returning to school, the students were challenged to write poetry inspired by their day.

Here are a few poems for you to enjoy.

Winter Hike by Emily K.
The hike was weary,
The weather dreary.
The snow was bright,
The sky and mountains white,
Happiness was hot chocolate.

An old tarp,
Lots of sticks,
Determination, in a mix,
With lots of friends to get the job done,
We made our own shelter,
Wasn’t that fun?

The snow was deep,
The flakes heaped,
Everyone jumped in.
Up to my waist in snow,
What fun the hike had been!

Untitled – by Jackson Czarnecki
I walk carefully
For the snow is too deep
And I fell

Untitled -Breck Doiron
I walk the path of life
Trying to follow what others set for me
But I know my future
I won’t be what others want

The Dark Side of Hiking -Nick
As the wind howls into the cloudy day
And the snow falls gently to the ground
I look to the sun which has faded away
And the clouds soon take over the sky turning it dark grey.
As the lonely path winds it leads us to our goals.
The lake seems to almost laugh at us as we trudge through the snow.

We Walk- Nick
We walk
Through the gentle snow.
We walk
On the lonely path not knowing where it is taking us.
We walk
Through the howling wind send the snow flying around us.
We still walk.
With our fingers and toes freezing.
Yet we still walk

Written by Angevine Middle School CAP class students!

See more photos from our trip here!

The Community Adventure Program at Angevine Middle School is made possible in part by a grant from Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) through the Nature Kids/Jovenes de la Naturalez program. Click here to learn more!






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