The Angevine Middle School CAP class


United Legion of Flamingo Ninjas Takes on Betasso

See more photos here! If your student enjoyed this program, please considering making a donation to Cottonwood so we can continue to work with Angevine students. Can flamingos handle the cold, windy mountains? They can when they are Flamingo Ninjas! The students of Angevine Middle School CAP class (aka the United Legion of Flamingo Ninjas)… Read more »

Angevine students learning from Angie at Calwood.


Angevine students create emergency go bags

February 2023 Update: Angevine CAP student Margot dropped off the go bags to Sister Carmen Community Center, an organization that provides basic needs and help to residents of East Boulder County. There were about 40 bags in all, with essential materials like headlamps, first aid kits, phone chargers, and canned food. Great going, team! Written… Read more »

Angevines student at LongView


AMS has a __MAD LIBS__ camping trip

The Angevine Middle School CAP class loved their overnight camping trip to Cal-wood this fall. As part of their trip reflection, they did a custom Mad Libs on the bus ride home. We hope you enjoy their ______ (adjective) re-cap of their ______ (adjective) trip! Escrito en español más abajo.  Our Camping Trip One __maroon__… Read more »

A moth!


Angevine learns about Curlycup Gumweed

AMS students identified pants like Curlycup Gumweed along the Anne U White Trail on their fall field day with Cottonwood Institute. Escrito en español más abajo. Check out more photos here! Written by CI Instructor Tucker Knight.  The 7th and 8th graders of Angevine Middle School CAP class hiked the Anne U. White Trail with… Read more »

AMS winter field day


Angevine students out of their shells!

Angevine Middle School students came out of their shells and bonded on their winter field day. Escrito en español más abajo Written by Field Instructor Barbara Ramsdell. See photos here! Eleven students from Angevine Middle School’s CAP class set out on Friday, January 28th for their first winter field day at Caribou Ranch Open Space…. Read more »

AMS students on the dock at Waneka Lake


Angevine Middle School: Cukie goes fishing!

Written by CAP Instructor Erin Angel (Escrito en español más abajo) Photos here! The Angevine Middle School CAP class had another fall adventure with a garden vegetable (technically a fruit) tagging along. Cukie the Cucumber and his human friends joined April Archer from SaraBella Fishing for a wonderful day of fly fishing on Waneka Lake…. Read more »


Angevine CAP Students Find Wonder in Wildfire

The Angevine Middle School 4th quarter class was a hybrid class with some students attending online and the others attending in person. When the quarter started, it was the first time many of the students had been to school in a year and, although the group had been in a cohort all year, they didn’t… Read more »

AMS CAP Students


Spring CAP Class Wakes Up Dormant Learners

When the nation went into lockdown last year and students transitioned to online learning, some learners went into a kind of dormancy. The second period CAP outdoor class at Angevine Middle School had many students who hadn’t participated much in online learning and were both eager and hesitant to go back to school with hybrid… Read more »

Angevine pollinators action project


Angevine CAP Students Pick Pollinators

Combining things we like to do or want to learn with a desire to help the planet is what Action Projects are all about. The first period CAP class at Angevine Middle School is an enthusiastic bunch with lots of interests, so they decided to bring awareness to pollinators by setting aside a week to… Read more »