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AXL CAP Enjoys a Jam-Packed Day at Cherry Creek

The CAP class at AXL Academy reinstated a sense of normalcy while celebrating the outdoors on a fun-filled spring day at Cherry Creek State Park. After a year of being cooped up at home and in the classroom, it was a blast to spend the day outside all together! The students started off with a fiercely competitive game of camouflage, a hide-and-seek type game in which students use their natural surroundings to blend in with nature. With lots of encouragement to stay hydrated on this beautiful sunny day, the students continued the morning with some skill-building, learning how to set up a camp hand washing station, carefully cut vegetables, and balance nutritional needs to stay energized in a wilderness setting. Once lunch was packed and the first round of games played, this group set out on a hike along the reservoir.

AXL CAP Field Day at Cherry CreekThe students selected a serene space to take a reflective moment in nature. Spending this quiet time may have felt unusual compared to the hustle and bustle of their active lives, but each student came back to the group with appreciation and awe for the beauty surrounding them. Feeling connected in this exercise, they challenged themselves to work as a team while trying to successfully flip a tarp while standing on top of it. Everyone spent some time chatting and enjoying the sounds of the water while cheering for more Takis at lunch.

After lunch, CAP Instructor Katie Morton proved that she can play Ninja with the very best of them, and then the group transitioned to a sensory activity exploring the many natural writing implements found in the park. Students used grass, sand, and whatever else they could find to create visual memories in their sensory journals. Finally, the students embarked on a survival skill building activity, learning to build fires. Students supported each other in collecting materials, lighting matches, and making cotton ball fire starters. A favorite of the day was practicing using the flint and steel. The students felt a sense of responsibility in maintaining fire safety with one another. It was great to see how far this group has come in their skills, comfort, and teamwork after their year together!

Written by Cottonwood Institute Instructor Christina DeJoseph

See more photos from the trip here!

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