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Why Cottonwood Institute Deserves Your Donation on #COGivesDay!

In 2017, Cottonwood Institute (CI) was working hard to change student’s lives by connecting students to the outdoors, increasing their environmental and self-awareness, and empowering them to become leaders to improve their schools, the community, and the environment. Below are just a few testimonies from students to highlight why CI deserves your donation on #COGivesDay!

Support Cottonwood Institute For #COGivesDay

Connecting Students to the Outdoors:

“I think that LNT Principles are important principles that we can practice everywhere. Like at school, when you see a piece of trash you should pick it up… Something I love about being in the woods is being able to breathe fresh air – my lungs get used to breathing in the fresh air, my ears get used to hearing the rush of water from a creek, and my skin gets used to feeling the fresh mountain breeze… One thing I would love to learn more about is all of the different kinds of trees that grow in different places. We learned about Douglas fir trees and how they have different sized pine cones in different climates.” ~ CAP Student, STRIVE Prep – Sunnyside

Increasing Students’ Environmental and Self-awareness:

Support Cottonwood Institute on #COGivesDay

“Throughout this class, I have grown immensely while expanding both my knowledge and interest in environmental issues impacting both our world at large, as well as our community specifically. I felt the trigger of curiosity and an urge to find my place first in the Ted Talks and facts, then hugely in the action project. This class changed my views, because I feel like in everyday life the thousands of big issues are swept under the rug, and only a few are left to the public eye. There is so much we can do within our communities to knock off huge environmental issues. I felt as if CAP inspired me, because I had been exposed to all massive things, and all the little things and statistics we can do to help.” –CAP Student, New Vista High School

Empowering Students to Become Leaders to Improve their Schools, the Community, and the Environment:

“My favorite part of the camping trip to Cal-wood Education Center would be when we spent our last couple of hours doing service work in return for Cal-wood as they let us camp in their property. I really liked this part of the trip because instead of just for our favor of going on a trip, we contributed back to Cal-wood’s needs and worked. It took a toll on our bodies, but it was something really fun. We got to pass logs and make big stacks of wood to contain forest fires. Just the fact that we gave back to the community makes me happy and feel strongly that I did something good. Honestly, it was fun with teamwork.”-CAP Student, STRIVE Prep – RISE

Support Cottonwood Institute For #COGivesDay

“Overall, I have grown individually in CAP more than I ever thought I would. I have learned so much more about the world at large and our little bubble. I hope to be able to take my knowledge and spread it, and use it in future classes or projects I involve myself in. I think the service project really showed me what a sense of accomplishment felt like for helping others, and I appreciate that deeply. My relationship with each person in the class has grown tremendously. I am very happy with all of the things I take with me out of this class, into the real world and my life. I have new friendships, experiences, new found knowledge, and a better understanding for the environment.” –CAP Student, New Vista High School

If this wasn’t enough to prove to you CI deserves your donation on Colorado Gives Day, here’s some stats from 2017 to show what we’ve been up to the past year: CI coordinated 33 programs, served 481 students, delivered 18,729 program contact hours, and over 7,194 service learning project hours. Read more about the amazing programs we delivered by reading our blog.

Donate on #COGivesDay to Cottonwood Institute: Tuesday, December 5th 2017!  Every donation made through ColoradoGives.org on Colorado Gives Day is boosted by the $1 million incentive fund and 3 generous families are matching every dollar up to $13,000!

In order to continue to deliver high quality, high impact programs, CI needs to make important investments in its students, staff, gear, and transportation. Help CI thrive in 2018 and have another year of changing the world, one student at a time!

We can’t do what we do without the generous support of our donors, supporters, educational partners, and community. THANK YOU!

Written by Program Manager: Taryn Longberry


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