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West Denver Prep Students Learn About Liquid Gold for World Water Monitoring Day

On a rain-soaked and chilly afternoon, students from West Denver Prep Lake Campus joined forces with Earth Force and Cottonwood Institute to learn about water, or what we like to call, liquid gold, for World Water Monitoring Day.

After an extremely damp walk to Sloan’s Lake to discuss the fundamentals of water conservation and to collect a water sample, everyone quickly made it back indoors for a fun afternoon working at 3 different hands on water stations. At the first station, the students performed a pH and oxygen test on the water sample from Sloans Lake. The second and third stations demonstrated the effects of pollution and how easily water becomes polluted when we do not take care of our planet.

It didn’t take long for the students to realize that they need to help protect this precious resource that could one day be more valuable than gold.

A special thanks goes out to West Denver Prep students for their dedication to the environment and education and to Leo Canner for volunteering his time!  May you all continue to make waves!

Written by Leo Canner and edited by April Pishna.


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