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Wilderness Reflections from STRIVE Prep – RISE

For Cottonwood Institute‘s Community Adventure Program (CAP) students at STRIVE Prep – RISE, the second overnight at the Cheley backcountry outpost was a weekend packed full of new experiences. Read what one of the students had to say about their weekend below!


My trip to the mountains with my class was awesome!!!! We got to do many things not every school experiences. We got to eat “Chipotle in the wild” [burritos], go fishing, play camouflage, and kind of freeze at night. Freezing is not as fun, but it is part of the environment. Unfortunately, the saddest moment of all happened. The gaga ball popped!

As dinner came we had a chance to eat [burritos] in the wilderness. The smell spread around and luckily the bears did not come. Everyone was cheering with excitement of how good the food was. Even though pizza rice was good, too. We all then gathered around the fire to eat. The worst part was the clean up.

The sun went down and the Cheley Squad decided to go on a night walk. We went with no source of light but the stars. As we walked we saw a tree that had fallen down, which was weird because of the mysterious house where ¨Boo Radley” had once lived. We sat down and looked at the stars and if we watched closely, we saw shooting stars zoom across the skies.

STRIVE Prep RISEWritten by: STRIVE Prep – RISE CAP Student, Angel Delgado

Want to see more photos from this trip? Check out our Shutterfly share site: Click Here!


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