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STRIVE Prep – RISE Students Enjoy an Unforgettable Weekend at Cheley Outpost

STRIVE Prep - RISE Students Enjoy an Unforgettable Weekend at Cheley OutpostAs reluctant as the CAP students from STRIVE Prep – RISE were to venture out into the cold outdoors, we had an incredible trip! Cheley Outpost was a memorable location for our last trip of the season. Through the snow flurries, we bonded over team-building games, getting competitive over several games of Gaga Ball, setting up camp, and trying our best to stay warm. Luckily, the weather took a turn for the better just in time for a nature hike. Along the trail, we found what was soon to be our favorite spot, a rope swing! Overlooking the stream, was a rope swing and a lookout tower. If we had had more time, our CAP students would have spent the entire day there.

After spending some time climbing the tower and swinging around, we learned a new game- the human camera. This activity combines sensory stimulation with team building in an interesting way. Participants were asked to pair up; one person acts as the “camera” and the other as the photographer. The cameras trustingly closed their eyes and allowed their photographers to lead them around to capture new and beautiful images. Our students had a great time with this. When everyone got their last few swings in at the rope swing, we headed back to camp.

STRIVE Prep - RISE Students Enjoy an Unforgettable Weekend at Cheley OutpostWhen we got there, we started on dinner prep and fire building! Despite having a bit of snow earlier in the day, we were able to get a good fire going. As dinner was slowing down, students enjoyed warming up by the fire, roasting pretzels, and telling jokes. The most memorable part of the trip, for most of us, was sitting around that campfire under a starlit sky and playing two truths and a lie. Our small group really learned a lot about each other that night and shared many laughable moments.

On our last day at Cheley Outpost, we learned about different animal tracks and how to use a topography map while hiking. Along the way, students help to identify elk tracks, possible moose tracks, deer tracks, and ermine tracks! The short hike led up to a wonderful view of Long’s Peak and what looked like to be an abandoned cabin.

We closed the trip out with a relaxing sit spot by the stream, followed by a final game of ultimate Gaga ball. This camping trip was unforgettable in many ways!

A big thanks to Cheley Camps for their partnership!

See more photos from our trip here!

Written by CAP class instructor Christina Guevara.


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