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ETF Superheroes Converge on Earth Day

SRL Youth Earth Festival On March 22nd, 2015 youth groups and environmental educators from around Longmont, Boulder and Denver were invited to host booths in the first annual Youth of the Earth Day Festival. Earth Task Force was one of 33 youth booths and 36 environmental educator booths which showed up with activities for the fair-goers to participate in, and over 1000 people attended. The event was also Xtreme Zero Waste, with no single-use bottles, dishes, or napkins.

Earth Task Force created a miniature Recycle Relay in which participants sorted trash, recycling and compost into their respective bins while being timed. Participants then learned more about where each item belonged and why. Other booths were housed by the New Vista Robotics Team, The Earth Guardians, Teen4Oceans, US EPA, Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation, Ollin Farms, Thorne Nature and many, many more.

20150422_162140The event from Sustainable Revolution Longmont was a definite success, bringing people of all ages. Not only did it raise awareness around many environmental issues, but it also gave everyone a sustainable, fun way to celebrate our planet on Earth Day. Hopefully, with the dedication of all attendees, we will be able to make every day ‘Earth Day’.

Written by Juliet Luna, Earth Task Force Senior

Read more about Sustainable Revolution Longmont and the 1st Annual Youth of the Earth Day.

About Earth Task Force:
The Earth Task Force (ETF) is a Cottonwood Institute-supported program at New Vista High School in Boulder, CO designed to give students an opportunity to take the lead to implement sustainability initiatives at their school.


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