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Survival Day with Snooze Chefs: New Ingredients for a Fun Outing

Snooze.2 At the end of August, a brave group of chefs from Snooze, an A.M. Eatery, joined Cottonwood Institute for a day of survival activities and fun in the foothills.  A dozen chefs from several Snooze locations came together to experience a day of survival training that centered around a competition of two randomly selected teams.  Points were scored as they learned the basics of risk management, survival priorities, leave no trace ethics, how to build shelters and primitive fire skills.

Snooze.1It was a rousing day of Team Grasshoppers vs. Team Snails (two edible creatures if you’re ever stuck out in the field).  Weighing the common risks and hazards of an average person in the woods, along with listing the principles of Leave No Trace showed the Snails off to an early lead.  Can you list all seven principles of Leave No Trace?  And do you adhere to them when camping?

Next up was a survival scenario from a story from the Colorado Survival Guide. The teams had some good ideas about what to do in an emergency situation and both scored points.  Then came throwing sticks, a game involving literally, throwing sticks at targets set up at a distance. It was a close match that left the Snails still ahead after showing some prowess hitting the larger targets. After lunch the teams went back at it building debris shelters and finally practicing primitive fire skills.  The final score was close after the Grasshoppers bested the Snails with their flint and steel striker technique.  However, just like the tortoise and the hair, slow and steady triumphed on this day.  The win went to team Snails, who actually ate grasshoppers!

snooze.3At the end of the day, it wasn’t about who had won and lost, or built the nicest debris shelter.  The competition was fun, but the true winning was in learning new skills and bonding with co-workers.  It was a great day and an excellent break from the office, and kitchen.  The Cottonwood Institute looks forward to continuing our work with Snooze at many future occasions.  And don’t worry, if they make a grasshopper pancake, it will be for special events only!

Check out pictures from the day at: https://snooze2013.shutterfly.com/pictures


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