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Sun + Salamanders + Survival = One Awesome Family Survival Course!

As the salamanders relaxed in the stillness of the early morning waters, and the plants soaked up the first rays of the morning sun, off in the distance there was a faint, yet distinct sound of children’s laughter and the crunch of twigs underfoot.  Cottonwood Institute’s survival course was underway once again at Taylor Mountain.

Every year, Cottonwood Institute donates a one-day survival course to be auctioned off at our annual fundraising event, The Base Camp Bash. The brave families who made a bid on this action-packed course got what they expected and more.  Throughout the day, they participated in a shelter building competition, learned about edible and medicinal plants, practiced knife and fire skills,  played exciting games and activities, and the kids even created their own fishing poles!

While the day was humming with activity, one of the best moments was simply the stories each person had to share.  Relaxing in, and connecting to nature brings out the story-teller and listener in each of us.  From shelters to sit spots to stories – these activities, coupled with a beautiful warm summer day, made an unforgettable adventure for not only the families involved, but also the instructors.

“My whole family enjoyed this course. The way Ford made fire out of sticks so fast – amazing! Clark is very knowledgeable about the outdoors and knows a lot about plants and animals. Both instructors worked well with the kids and adults. After taking this course, I am more aware of how to build a shelter and about what I might need to do if alone and lost in the outdoors.” (participant, Christine Frank)

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