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Reflective Fall Retreat for Earth Task Force

On Friday October 7th, the members of Earth Task Force (ETF) headed up into the mountains for a fall retreat at The Highlands Camp and Retreat Center in Allenspark, Colorado.

The trip was planned and facilitated by students and ETF mentors with borrowed gear and organizational help from The Cottonwood Institute to help them pursue their goal of rekindling their passions for environmental sustainability while also reconnecting with peers outside of school. The ETF knows that time in the wild is an important part of staying grounded while working on the tough issues that environmental sustainability can pose.

The group enjoyed hiking, climbing, and exploring in the breathtaking landscape of the Colorado Rockies.   They also partook in cooking adventures, playing in the woods, and singing around the fire.  While many stayed in cabins, a few of the braver students slept in tents.  In the morning, they awoke to snow on the ground with delicate flakes still falling.  The superheroes spent time talking about what inspired them to make change in the community and about their plans and ideas for the coming year.

One member said, “You can hear the most depressing stories, but when I see a group taking action to make change, no matter how small, I am never depressed.”  The retreat achieved the goals to reconnect and plan for the coming year.  The time away reminded students and mentors of the precious land they are working to protect.

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Article written by Earth Task Force member, Raina Galbiati, and edited by Paige Doughty.


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