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Volunteers Needed For Mt. Evans Project

It’s that time of year again and we are pumped!  Cottonwood Institute will be teaming up with Colorado Fourteeners Initiative (CFI) to help complete much needed trail maintenance and ecological restoration projects on the beautiful and majestic Mt. Evans the weekend of August 21-23, 2009.

This volunteer opportunity is for adventurous folks who want to blend their passion for climbing these awesome peaks and who feel compelled to heed the call to help restore and protect them. We will set up our base camp at Echo Lake Campground and drive up to our site on Mt. Evans each day.

While the days will be action packed, there will be plenty of time in the afternoons and evenings for relaxing at our base camp, hanging out, and philosophizing. You will be able to work on projects at your own pace, so make this experience as mild or as wild as you want.

We only have 4 more spaces to fill, so Register Today! This is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and for everyone to walk their talk and give back to the mountains that we all use and love. Click Here for a detailed itinerary and registration instructions. To find out more about Cottonwood Institute visit us on the web at: CottonwoodInstitute.org.


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