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Holiday Cheer Party – Help Save 40,000 Disposable Cups!

We are teaming up with our friends at Fluid Coffee Bar for our Third Annual Holiday Cheer Party on Thursday, December 17 from 7pm – 9 pm. Join us for warm beverages, holiday treats, and live music! Spread the good word and bring your friends.  This event is free and open to the public as we are using it to as an opportunity to pack Fluid Coffee Bar to help with their goal to save 40,000 coffee cups this year, so don’t forget to bring your own mug or to order your drink to stay.

This is a big deal, not just because it has a positive impact on the environment, community and businesses but because it is a giant step in demonstrating how collaboration and creativity between the Cottonwood Institute, Fluid Coffee Bar and the local community can lead to positive change.

Drop by Fluid on either of the days listed below and you can say that you were involved in changing the world, one adventure at a time.  Remembering your cell phone on the way out the door is a challenge, but remembering your coffee cup is an adventure!

1) December 12th and 13th – “A Weekend Without” disposable cups.   Bring your mug or use our mug. No disposable cups will be available. Really.  (10% of weekend sales will be donated to community partners.)

2) December 14th -19th – Share the Fluid Experience.  Bring a friend to Fluid and order Coffee for two (French Press) or Tea for two (Tea Press) in a reusable mug and receive a free drink on your fluid card for your next visit.

3) December 17th, 7pm-9pm – Cottonwood Institute’s Annual Holiday Cheer Party. Bring your own mug.

4) December  30th and 31st – Lets make this happen!  Bring your mug or use our mug.  No disposable cups will be available. Really.

As of November 23rd, Fluid Coffee Bar has saved 34,000 cups!


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