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“Growing Team” Raises $2,645 Through Mustache 4 Cash

Ford Church Mustache 4 CashAfter sporting a mustache for the month of October and enduring heckling from friends, family, co-workers, and strangers a like, the Cottonwood Institute “Growing Team” successfully raised $2,645 through a unique fundraiser in Denver called Mustache 4 Cash. A very special thanks goes out to Chris Zook, Nate Bankirer, Ryan Bovard-Johns, and April Pishna for participating.

Ryan Bovard-Johns Mustache 4 CashThe money we raised from this campaign will be used to support programs at Gilpin Montessori E-8 School in Denver. Gilpin is an inner city school serving at risk students and many of these students see the mountains every day, but do not have the Nate Bankirer Mustache 4 Cashopportunity to explore the outdoors.

Check out the following video to help re-live the magic:


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