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CAP Turned Out The Lights On Another Quarter

The third quarter of the Community Adventure Program (CAP) for the 2010-2011 school year came to a close as spring started to emerge around us. While the class was very excited for a week of relaxation, spring break meant no more CAP.  It was a little bittersweet for all of us after a very enjoyable and successful two months. The intelligent and fun nature of the students, the overnights, and Action Project created a very effective learning experience in CAP.

“Over the past quarter of taking CAP, I feel as if I have grown more as a person than I have from any other class in a very long time.  Even though CAP defies the laws of conventional academics, I feel as if I pushed my brain to think harder about the world than I would have in any purely academic class.” -Alexander R. Brown

Spontaneous Colorado weather allowed for the quarter to start out on a positive note with a few beautiful hikes at Chautauqua Park. From the beginning, the students in the class started building relationships with each other to create an inclusive community that nicely balanced silliness and hard work. On the trails and in the classroom, students learned about different plants we can find here in Colorado, outdoor skills, environmental issues, and prepared for the exciting overnights.

“I felt that the most calming time of the whole of CAP was looking out into Brainard Lake.  I felt very isolated but very connected at the same time.” – Luke Jirman

“CAP is still the most amazing class as far as I’m concerned, and I have a whole list of new experiences under my belt as a bonus.” – Maddy Green

With that foundational enthusiasm, students became very interested in exploring energy consumption and efficiency.  A field-trip to two LEED certified buildings, the North Boulder Recreation Center and Casey Middle School, inspired the 3rd Quarter CAP Action Project that focused on raising awareness about how much energy New Vista consumes and ways to reduce the carbon footprint. The students learned a lot about energy, lighting, and working together as a group.

“Our Action Project has shown me how inefficient we are at home and at school and how it can be changed so that we can use less energy to do the things we do every day.”  -Meagan Traylor

Overall, the longer third quarter flew by! The classroom and the overnights were always entertaining, creating movement in a positive direction and enhancing the community of CAP.

“All in all,this has been one of the best learning experiences a high school student can get.”  -Hannah Tuton

“My favorite part about our class is our willingness to share their thoughts and opinions and skills with everyone else. The outstanding aspect of this class that has been shown to me is that being yourself and showing your own ideas and perspectives makes it all the better…” -Luke Jirman

This article was written by Sinead Maguire and edited by Madeline Bachner.


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