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CAP Explores The Impact of Population Growth

This quarter CAP students at New Vista High School in Boulder, CO explored the environmental impact of population growth. They researched how overpopulation is affecting Boulder County and came across the following topics: Open Space and Mountain Parks trail usage, food production, water use and treatment facilities, waste management, family planning and population density.

The class created funny characters to discuss these topics in skits, helping students understand the possible severity of this issue.  It was a difficult topic to fully grasp and contain in a six week project, but they worked hard and came away with an increased awareness and a desire to delve deeper.

CAP students not only gained an understanding of the overpopulation issue, they also learned more about nature awareness, social change, and interpersonal skills. But don’t let us tell you about that, let the students speak for themselves…

“Now, because of my re-exposure to nature through this class, I value [the Flatirons] and all of nature so much more.”  Giselle

“I had fun spending time outside and learning about our planet.  I thought the emphasis on movements always starting small and the fact that you CAN do something as just one person was empowering.”

“Although the things that the class is really set up to teach are environmental issues and survival techniques, I learned much more about just being with people, and working together toward one goal, and being successful with it…”  Jake

“I liked the way everyone was connected through the class. I’ve never taken a class and felt that safe with the kids in it.  I really liked how most of the things we did, we did in groups.  I also think the attunement was a really fun way to unite the class.  CAP class taught me a lot of important lessons and teamwork was one of them.” Julien

Click here for a slideshow of the full CAP adventure!


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