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CAP Students Take A Moment To Reflect

Leo Louis filled with the spirit of CAP!

The 26th CAP class at New Vista High School has come to a close with a great project on water quality in Boulder Creek and some fantastic reflection papers.  We faced some challenges and learned a lot this quarter.  Our biggest success as a group was the cohesiveness and friendship we found together.

Melanie Wilkerson said it well, “We played games, hung out, had meals and did things that made it really feel like we were in a group.  A CAP community.”   Of course food always brings people together and this quarter it was the burrito-fests that really did it!

“My second favorite part of the second overnight was making tons of burritos for everyone.  It helped us learn that we are all similar people and we can have a good time together if we cooperate,” said Dylan Brennan.

Overnights were a favorite as usual but it was the teamwork, leadership and journaling that drew out the learning most and revealed what CAP is really all about. Alex Knuckey said, “CAP class is what the students in it make it, which was awesome because I have never helped to design a class before.”   We started every day with a quote so I think I will leave it to the quotes of the 2010 first quarter class. Here’s what they had to say:

“The journal is one of the most important parts of class because it tells us what we have learned and why it’s important.  CAP class was one of the best experiences for me in school.”  Max Levinson

“This leadership position was the biggest learning experience of the whole class for me.  My respect for teachers more than doubled when I realized how difficult it is to get a bunch of kids to focus.”  Leo Louis

“In this quarter I learned a lot about the class and the person I am…”  Adam Bowers

CAP 26 enjoying the beautiful fall we had.

“I care a lot more about the environment than I did before I went through the class, it also changed the way I thought about helping my community and made me realize how much people need to take action.”  Alex Elnagdy

“Throughout the action project process I learned that it is possible for a group of teenagers to make a difference in the community.”  Jo Skulski

And at the heart of CAP is always the natural world….”I enjoyed going outside almost every class, even if it is just for a few minutes sometimes.  It made me feel free, relaxed and happy.”  Nevena Dakovic


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