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A New Class Experiences the Community Adventure Program

Liz Schweber, a senior at New Vista High School reflects on her experience in C.A.P. so far this quarter:

“The Community Adventure Program is an amazing class that is offered at New Vista in conjunction with the Cottonwood Institute. It is such a fulfilling opportunity that I decided to take it for a second time. I could tell from the first day of school that each C.A.P. class must be so unique in many ways. My first experience of C.A.P. was absolutely lovely and I thought there was no way this experience could top my first. But boy was I wrong! Each class is so different that there is no comparison. Being in nature changes people and brings them together. The whole class having to go back to the basics of survival on the overnights forces new sides of people to come out and induces support and coming together. Every high school should offer a class like this. More kids need to get back in touch with nature! I love everything about the Community Adventure Program and this quarter has truly been a unique one thus far.

So far this quarter we have learned about local plants, how to prepare to back pack, appropriate ways to interact with nature, how to maintain physical and mental health, and about small ways to help the environment.  One of my favorite elements of C.A.P. is learning about self-care. We have read articles on this and also conducted skits. We have touched on everything from how to stay happy, to how to stay warm in the wilderness.

Lately we have started thinking about our action project.  We decided to do a project on how to save the bees! I think the class has really come together well to share ideas and plan a great project.  I hope we get to show our creativity and passion through whatever medium we decide.  Everyone is learning new things about the bees, which only makes us more excited to share it with the Boulder community.  I am looking forward to speaking with experts and making a difference for the bees.

Overall this class has been very entertaining and educational. I cannot wait to go on the second over night with everyone. I am looking forward to learning more about local plants, wilderness skills, bees and myself.  I can’t wait to see what this class knocks out next! The environment pertains to everything on the planet and I think everyone can do more to help out.”

Stay tuned to hear how C.A.P. accomplishes their action project and wraps up the quarter!




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