Horizons Zeb Mission Wolf


Wolf Kisses with Zeb and Horizons

Escrito en español más abajo. Written by Cottonwood Institute instructor Tucker Knight. See more photos here! Cottonwood Institute led Horizons at Colorado Academy for a three day journey in the valley between the Wet Mountains and the Sangre de Cristos, home to Mission:Wolf. This group of middle schoolers was excited and nervous to sleep outside,… Read more »

Colorado Academy Summer Camp Students at Mission: Wolf


Colorado Academy Summer Campers go with the Flow at Mission: Wolf

“Circles? We don’t need circles!” Given that Cottonwood Institute instructors and students spend a good deal of time in a circle, this was an interesting unofficial mantra for the Colorado Academy/Cottonwood Institute Summer Camp trip to Mission: Wolf. Mission: Wolf (M:W), though run by volunteers and well-strategized plans, feels like it operates on magic. Tucked… Read more »

Littleton Academy Mission Wolf Trip Summer 2019


Littleton Academy Students Howl With the Wolves!

“I have the power of grape juice and I’m not afraid to use it!” Littleton Academy fifth grader AJ exclaimed Saturday morning as an animated group of 19 prepared for a day with the rescued wolves at Mission:Wolf. A lot of work had taken place leading up to that moment of anticipation, arriving at and… Read more »


STRIVE Prep – Sunnyside Students Brave Wolves and Weather

The fourth annual STRIVE Prep — Sunnyside Mission:Wolf trip may have easily been the best yet. Twelve EXCEPTIONAL middle school students, two teacher chaperones, and two Cottonwood instructors ventured down early Friday morning for a three-day course and a date with the sanctuary’s rescued wolves. Students were excited to take the trip, some joining for… Read more »

DCS Montessori group at Mission:Wolf


DCS Montessori Embarks on a Lupine Adventure

On a sunny Monday morning, a group of DCS Montessori students stood outside their school, patiently awaiting the arrival of the chariots that would whisk them off into the wild blue yonder. Beyond Colorado Springs, beyond Pueblo, and beyond Granby, there lies a place called Mission: Wolf, which would be the setting of these students’… Read more »


Logan School Students Get to Know the Wolves of Mission:Wolf

A trip to the Mission:Wolf Sanctury southwest of Pueblo offers visitors the rare opportunity to see wolves up close. Mission:Wolf’s motto, Education vs Extinction, encourages visitors to really get to know this historically misunderstood, endangered species with the hope of saving it. Getting to know wolves is exactly what 18 students from The Logan School… Read more »