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Snow Flies as Casa de la Esperanza Gears up for Mini-CAP!

Casa de la EsperanzaCottonwood Institute is starting another season of our 6-week Community Adventure Program with Casa de la Esperanza in Longmont, CO.  It’s been a rough start with school canceled due to snow and cold blustery days keeping many activities indoors.  Despite the weather, we have a dedicated group of students getting to know each other and starting to learn about environmental issues.

The first class was a great introduction both to the new students and to the world around them and the idea of environmental issues.  Now after a second session, the students are getting acquainted with the importance of local environmental issues, Casa de la Esperanzafrom plastic bottle waste, to climate change, finding local food and recycling.  They spent the class learning about local issues and have the task of bringing back information on one they are interested in next week when they will pick their issue and start in-depth research on their topic.

After completing their project in mid-May, the group will go on an overnight camping trip to explore the outdoors further and celebrate what they have accomplished!  This weekend at Cal-Wood Education Center will be their culminating experience with Cottonwood Institute.  We hope the weather is a little warmer for them by then!

A special thanks goes out to our supporters, including: Community Foundation Serving Boulder County and The North Face Explore Fund!


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