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Transportation Transformation

In previous years, the Earth Task Force has designated certain months as “alternative transportation” months. During this time we encouraged students and faculty to alternatively transport themselves to and from school. As an incentive, we recorded participation and invited those who participated frequently to a pizza party where we held a raffle.

This year, because of an increase in Earth Task Force members, we decided to create a new system that encouraged alternative transportation. We instituted a stamp-card based system similar to ones at local coffee shops and restaurants. Each time students alternatively transport themselves to school, they receive one stamp. Once they get enough stamps they can redeem them for a prize.

So far, the program has been awesome! We’ve had tons of participation and we hear kids say great things about us in the hallways. In fact, the program has been so successful that we’ve struggled to keep up with the high demands. We’ve had to get more creative with the rewards we give out. We gave out school-related prizes like, New Vista High School apparel, free yearbooks, and prom passes and we baked cookies as rewards. In all, this program has been a fantastic contribution to the New Vista community and we hope to build on its success.

This article was written by Aaron Fox and Zander Deetz and edited by Ford Church


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