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In The News: Voice of America

Thank you Paula Vargas and Voice of America for sharing the Cottonwood Institute’s story about how we are empowering students to improve their schools, the community, and the environment for future generations. Read the article or watch the video and share with your networks!

Voice Of America



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3 Responses to “In The News: Voice of America”

  1. Smart Xin

    Hi, there. It’s my great pleasure to leave a message here. I’m a student coming from Beijing, China. The habit of listening to VOA everyday brought me to your website. I did love the story on May 16, which told by Christopher Jones-Cruise. I was feeling excited to hear the voices of your students. Your goal set to protect the outdoors stimulated me a lot. I’m moved by this girl’s words, “if you don’t know what you’re protecting, why would you bother?” It is a well-established way to unravel solutions to environmental problems. And also an effective methods to work out practical problems.
    Air pollution is becoming increasingly serious. What we can do for the world has been discussed millions of times. The young people worldwide need to be organized rightly by the governments and nongovernmental organizations. Your institute has played a prominent role in leading them to do what they can do. I would say, this is the most meaningful programme I have ever learned. Thank you so much! Good Luck to you all!
    Smart Xin

    • Ford Church

      Thank you so much for your comment Smart Xin! Technology is so amazing that you were able to learn about what we are up to in Colorado all the way from China. There are many serious environmental challenges facing communities across the globe, but I am so inspired by the passion and enthusiasm of our students, as well as other nonprofits and businesses, that are stepping up to combat these issues. Find inspiration from the success stories out there, work hard, never give up, and keep in touch! Ford Church, Founder and Executive Director, Cottonwood Institute

      • Smart Xin

        Hi, there. It’s my great pleasure to receive your reply. Thanks a lot! Internet is such a convenient environment to bring people who have the same goal so closely. I’m one of persons who concerns about the weather so much. The city where I live is facing great challenges right now. I wonder whether or not our citizens have got the sign of warning from the nature. I’m eager to live in an environmentally sustainable society, not to obtain something by ruining it. To neglect where we live is a way of showing irresponsible.
        Well, may I ask how your students feel when choosing a environmental problem? Discouraged, excited, or powerless? A boy named Jaden Games was trying to unravel the mystery about CCD. Has he found some clues? Good Luck to him! As I got to know that CCD is related to the disappearance of worker bees, it has put your story in a bold perspective. Will ecologists lend a hand for him? The other girl’s opinion tried to find the solution to it step by little step. This is an excellent method to enlighten them to have patience when getting something done. Later they will check with the local environmentalists to have the solutions solved. It sounded like a logical arrangements. To ask students to act as real organizers is a well-established plan. They can play a prominent role in gaining something useful during the process. Your institute exhibits sensible to entice people to learn outdoors. Good result remains to be seen. To lead is to help.


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