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Top 5 Reasons To Invest In Cottonwood Institute For #GivingTuesday and #COGivesDay

2016 has been an incredible year and we have big plans for 2017. Here are our “Top 5 Reasons To Invest In Cottonwood Institute” for #GivingTuesday and #COGivesDay this year:

1. We are connecting students to the great outdoors:

“My weekend [camping trip] was super peaceful. I enjoyed myself up in the mountains because I had a great experience with great people and great conversations. I loved being away from my phone and meeting people whom I haven’t had a chance to meet. It’s sad we’re all from Colorado and we really don’t explore Colorado so I’m grateful for this experience.” STRIVE Prep – Excel Student

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2. We are empowering students to improve their communities:

Our students were busy this year coordinating student-directed Action Projects to save the bees from colony collapse disorder, plant fruit trees to address neighborhood food deserts, and much more. “Fresh food is something that many kids in different communities don’t have and I want to help those kids in need. – KIPP Montbello student

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3. Our programs have a long lasting impact on our Alumni:

“[Cottonwood Institute] was one of the most important experiences I had as a teenager. The Community Adventure Program and Earth Task Force (which I helped start as a direct result of my experience in CAP) gave me purpose in life that was previously lacking.” Cottonwood Institute Alumni Click Here to read more about our Alumni Engagement and Evaluation Report.

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4. We are a leader in the Environmental Education community:

Along with a coalition of partners, Cottonwood Institute helped draft Boulder County Environmental Education Guidelines, which will be a model for the nation. Stay tuned for more information in early 2017.

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5. We exceeded our Program Capacity:

We were busy this year! CI coordinated 32 programs, served 391 students, delivered 18,163 program contact hours, and over 6,700 service learning project hours. Read more about the amazing programs we delivered by reading our blog.

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In order to continue to deliver high quality, high impact programs, CI needs to make important investments in its staff, gear, and transportation in 2017.

We can’t do what we do without the generous support of our donors, supporters, educational partners, and community.

Please join us for #GivingTuesday and #COGivesDay and schedule your donation for Colorado Gives Day today by clicking here. Donations for CO Gives Day will help us earn a share of a $1M Incentive Fund!

If you recently donated, or if your donation is “in the mail,” thank you so much – You Rock!


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