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Farewell to We Ride 4, But Not Goodbye!

we ride 4 logoFor the past year, Cottonwood Institute has been lucky enough to partner with We Ride 4, a local cycling club in Denver, CO. We Ride 4 strives to create an experience-based cycling community that shares a passion for riding and socializing. Their membership dues go toward supporting non-profits that benefit children through better health, activities, and personal development. We Ride 4 went above and beyond to support Cottonwood over the past year, and we’re so grateful for them! Read on to learn a few highlights from the year:

We Ride 41. In one year, We Ride 4 raised almost $60,000 for Cottonwood! AMAZING! That support allowed Cottonwood to continue programming in our schools during the height of the pandemic.

2. We Ride 4 styled new jerseys to wear on their bike rides with the Cottonwood Institute logo on them. We think they are THE most stylish bike group out on the trails.

3. During our 2021 Move-A-Thon event, We Ride 4 contributed a whopping $27,580 in both individual gifts and auction items, earning them the Golden Helmet award of the event.

golden helmet4. We Ride 4 chose another incredible group to support in the 2021 year, Lucky to Ride, which Cottonwood partnered with on a field day with Centaurus High School. Yay!

As a final goodbye, Ford gave a big thanks to the We Ride 4 team as we hope to continue to cross paths with them in the future! Read We Ride 4’s 2021 Year In Review and watch Ford’s video here.

If you’re interested in joining a We Ride 4 group ride, check out their website here. We Ride 4 hosts cycling and social events throughout the year with rides led by experienced ride leaders. With a range of rides from social-pace to advance-pace there is something to suit everyone’s experience!

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