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10 Sites to Help You Find an Environmental Job

Finding a job is not an easy task.  In fact, it’s almost a full time job in itself. Creating and utilizing your connections and putting yourself in the right place can definitely make the search easier, but knowing where to look can also decrease the intimidation factor, or what I call, option overload. There are thousands of sites out there, so much so that you may just want to shut down the computer and plop your butt on the couch to watch TV instead of looking for a job. But we all know that will not make us a productive citizen, let alone a happy human.

Below are 10 sites that focus on outdoor, nonprofit, and environmental jobs and careers. 

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10 Job Search Sites to Help You Find an Environmental, Outdoor, or Nonprofit Job

And, if you participated in a Cottonwood Institute course, so we know you are looking to create some good in this world. While Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn (to name a few) are all great places to look as well, we wanted to make it easier for you to get off the couch and find your dream environmental job, or at least one that gets you moving in the right direction.

Remember, even when searching for a job, it isn’t just about the destination; it’s more about the journey.

10 Job Search Sites to Help You Find an Outdoor, Nonprofit, and Environmental Job

1. Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN)

YNPN not only offers a place to find jobs, but it also offers emerging leaders a chance to connect with like-minded people, along with a variety of ideas and resources.

2. Idealist

Idealist provides opportunities  to connect with others who want to create change.  It offers people a place to search for jobs and volunteer work along with opportunities to collaborate with others who want to take action.

3. Cool Works – Jobs in Great Places

This site focuses on job opportunities in great places with the belief that jobs don’t have to be boring.  They can be impactful and full of adventure.

4. Green Jobs Network

Green Jobs Network is a global community of professionals.  They are focused on helping you find environmental and social impact jobs and giving you the resources to do so.

5. Environmental Career Opportunities

Giving environmental jobseekers a united place to search, Eco Jobs offers easy links to environmental science, education, advocacy, and conservation (to name a few) jobs and internships.

10 Job Search Sites to Help You Find an Environmental, Outdoor, or Nonprofit Job

6. Environmental Career

Offering jobs, career coaching, and resume posting for sustainability, natural resources, and green jobs, this environmental career site will keep you focused on your goals.

7. Conservation Job Board

If you are looking for a career in conservation, wildlife, forestry, or ecology, then this job board is for you. Growing to one of the world’s largest conservation job boards, you can stay up to date with hundreds of job openings listed here.

8. Outdoor Ed

Outdoor Ed provides a community space for outdoor and experiential educators.  This is a place to search for jobs, yes, but also a place to come together to share knowledge, ideas, questions, and issues in the outdoor industry.

9. American Camp Association (ACA)

ACA is a community of camp professionals with a common goal of creating the best experience for both camp attendees and professionals. Offering professional development, resources, publications, and of course a job board, this comprehensive site is a must visit for those looking into outdoor education.

10. Back Door Jobs

If you are one that needs adventures in their careers, Back Door Jobs is a great place to start.  Focusing on short-term job adventures including outdoor opportunities, wilderness therapy, world adventures, camp, ranch, and resort jobs, this place will get you excited to work.

And don’t forget that workshop we helped host back where we explored the idea about incorporating environmental sustainability into ALL careers!

With all of these opportunities, we hope environmental job hunting becomes more of an adventure than a chore.  

Happy hunting!

Disclaimer:  Cottonwood Institute does not endorse or support any of the above sites. We only want to give you additional resources for your job hunt. Be sure to use your own discretion when searching online for jobs.


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