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KIPP Northeast Leadership Academy Students Enjoy a Sunny Spring Field Day

KNDLA Spring Field Day Although it was technically winter, the CAP class from KIPP Northeast Leadership Academy enjoyed a sunny spring field day at Caribou Ranch Open Space on Saturday. After the trip, the students reflected on their experiences through writing. Some wrote stories, while others shared poetry.

We’ll let you hear about it in their words:

The wondrous journey to Caribou open space was absolutely amazing. Not only did I enjoy magnificent scenery, but I was also able to bond with my fellow classmates. The drive was lengthy but exciting. We were all filled with expectation for this field trip, and I know I was definitely not disappointed. When we finally arrived to our destination, we were welcomed by fresh, “Colorado air”. REAL air. It was great!

After we went over a few rules and KNDLA Spring Field Day guidelines, our Spring field day began! We played a name game so everyone would know each other, then we began the hike. But before the hike, I found, and bonded with, a stick. Yes, i know it sounds ridiculous, but if you saw the stick, you would’ve fallen in love with it too. The stick looked like the shape of a bird with wings spread open wide at the top. I loved it! When we started the hike, I was designated “point”, or some kind of leader for it. At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to talk with my female friends, but they soon caught up. Turns out they were actually pretty good at hiking!

We continued on the peaceful trail until we came across some deep snow. And I mean DEEP snow, past knee height! We put on our snowshoes, which was a first for me, but I soon got the hang of it. Some others, not so much. I have plenty of memories of other classmates falling. However, they didn’t think much of it, and we all got a good laugh out of it. After the hike, we returned to the starting point to finish off with a game. Sadly, we didn’t make the hike all they way up to a lake, but we still got a few miles in.

During our ride back, a few of us decided to be silly and start waving at other individuals outside of the car. Surprisingly, they waved back at us! One specific man even started dancing, then dabbed! The people in Boulder are so kind, and that one event gave all of us a good belly laugh all the way back home.

The overall field trip was a great experience. I will always remember this Spring field day because I loved spending time with my friends and the best teacher in the whole wide world! None other than the lovely Mrs. Erin Angel.

-Written by: Ope, CAP class student

In Nederland, CO, is Caribou Ranch Open Space, KNDLA Spring Field Day
Where we, the KNDLA CAP class, took a trip to.
Hiking and snowshoeing proved a challenge,
And keeping together supported such claim.
Once lunch came, we found a peaceful space,
Which helped us walk the woods through.
To be so high turned rather strange,
But near the end we played a game.
Soon we were gone, off back to a place,
Which sooner or later everyone goes to.
Though the trip was tiring, we all learned something anew.
And a piece of our hearts is within that trail, too.

-Written by: KIPP CAP class student

Check out photos and videos of our adventure by clicking HERE!




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