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Student Alumni, Rachel Brock Talks About CAP Experience

Cottonwood Institute (CI) is interested in how the Community Adventure Program (CAP) influences students long-term and  what they take with them from their class.  We continue to follow up with CAP alumni and hope to keep tabs on their adventures and where life takes them.  We caught up with this CAP student from STRIVE Prep – RISE to hear about her experience and what she gained from CAP last year.


Student Rachel (middle) from second overnight trip with CAP class.

This is what now tenth grader, CAP alumni Rachel Brock had to say:

“The most memorable part [of camping] is making a tent because you create a bond with [your tent mates]. The people I was with, really were amazing, because we could trust each other with things that we wouldn’t have said to other people. My favorite thing was taking a night hike. The surroundings were different and created a peaceful area.  We should respect the environment because we are the ones that occupy it.  I do appreciate the experience [of CAP].  [Because of the projects of my CAP class] I know that we have endangered animals especially in Green Valley Ranch where I live. Our action project was to create a solar charger for the school. It will provide an alternative energy that will help with all the electronics we use.”


Cleaning up Cheery Creek State Park on Colorado Public Lands Day with CAP class.

Thank you alumni for sharing your experiences with us and continuing to help CI in our mission to stay connected with students and learn about how CAP has impacted you!  If you are a CAP alumni and have a story to share, please email Taryn, taryn@cottonwoodinstitute.org or Ford, ford@cottonwoodinstitute.org.  We would love to catch up with you!


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