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Quote for Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"The idea of wilderness needs no defense: only more defenders"

-Edward Abbey

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7 Responses to “Quote for Tuesday, January 23, 2007”

  1. Jon (e)Ndicott

    Who really wants to see the wilderness burned down and clear cut, have all the cute animals slaughtered? You don’t need to build a strong defense for it because the strong defense is already there. You just need more people that are passionate about that defense to take stand up for it.

  2. Lily

    there need to be more people looking out for the wilderness. if there aren’t, then big industries will come in wreaping nature of all of its benefits, leaving it a truly sad and barren land. step up, defenders!

  3. Heather

    The wilderness needs more people to stand for whats right for things like the enviroment but there is no need to defend what is right therefore the wilderness need no more people to defend it only to stand for it and respect it.

  4. Torie Salley-Rains

    I certainly agree that the wilderness needs more defenders, I think it is growing as a profession. I think classes like this can contribute to there being more defenders on the enviroment.

  5. Anonymous

    with the way moden ameica workes these days, is hindering natures cycle. we have more pollutants and chemicals that go into local streams and creels. we use none renewable resourse that come from our planet. it is not just America that is destroying our earth. it is everyone of use from all over the wold. if we could do one thing to help reduse our ecological footprint individually. the world could have such a positive impact.

  6. Frances Brown

    i think that this qoute is a little vauge. the message i get from it is that we need more people who are aware of the inviroment and what is happening to it. this qoute makes me want to know a little more about Edward Abbey and who he was.


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