One Response to “Quote for January 5, 2005”

  1. dan mills

    I really learned from both the overnight trips. Interacting with people in a unique way is what im all about, and thats exactly what happend. As well as interacting with my thoughts and my own mind, that happend as well. I try to learn from my interactions and make the most of every word i say to anyone. If i am learning from you then i will put my knowledge out so you can learn from me.- A positive experience..a win win situation…those are the best kinds of social situations on this earth..The overnights were a way to become more spiritual with every individual around me. come to exceedingly deeper understandings..the circle becomes tighter and the individual becomes looser…provocing …the divine essence of each individual. the divine essence is a true tast of reality something that we all lack on a general level was really sweet because it was an abnormal experience…i strive for the abnormal because normal isnt truely living.


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