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Welcome to the Community Adventure Program!

My name is Rory Cowie and I am excited to teach the Community Adventure Program at New Vista High School this year! I wanted to take a brief moment to tell you about my education, qualifications, and certifications for teaching this course.

To begin with, I am a Head Instructor for the Cottonwood Institute. I teach this class with New Vista High School and I maintain a Substitute License with the Boulder Valley School District. I graduated from The Colorado College in 2004 with a B.A. in Biology. I have recently moved to Boulder from Telluride where I worked as an Environmental Field Monitor and Public Educator on local environmental issues and projects for the Town of Telluride.  I also worked for the Telluride Institute‚Äôs Watershed Education Project, teaching local environmental issues to students in all grade levels.  I have a Wilderness First Responder medical certification and have a strong background in wilderness camping and survival skills. 

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3 Responses to “Welcome to the Community Adventure Program!”

  1. tess

    Hey, I’m Tess, and I’m now in attending the CAP class at new vista. I’m stoked to learn more about camping, nature, survival skills, and ways we can improve and make a difference in our community.
    My main hobbie is dance, but I love to ski, hang out with my friends, logboard with my brother, and make jewelery. I love the outdoors, and i feel like i have become too reliant on things like my computer, my ipod and my cell phone to keep me happy. I want to be able to enjoy nature and not feel at a loss without those things. I’m looking forward to everything this class has to offer.


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