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STRIVE Prep – RISE Students Enjoy Service Learning at Cal-Wood

STRIVE Prep - RISE Students Enjoy Service Learning at Cal-WoodYou know how they say young people are the future? Well, after spending two days in the wilderness on a Cottonwood Institute trip with some STRIVE- Prep RISE students it became evident that these particular students are the ones that are going to change the world. The students spent the couple of days participating in service learning, absorbing their surroundings, and questioning everything around them. The leaders were constantly impressed by their level of enthusiasm and involvement with every activity. While the group was camping at the Cal-wood Education Center they went on hikes, participated in service projects, and practiced basic camping skills!

Immediately upon arrival the group went on a hike before going to the campsite. The students were encapsulated by the fogs slow transition from being in the sky to completely surrounding them. That being said, the weather was a bit chilly for September, but the group never complained about the temperature or the lack of views.

STRIVE Prep - RISE Students Enjoy Service Learning at Cal-WoodWe spent our afternoon doing three separate service projects for the Cal-wood center. One group applied multiple coats of polyurethane to a bridge to protect it from the sun. While another group worked on putting the finishing touches on a mountain bike trail. The third group was creating an enclosed area to protect the Aspen trees from being eaten by the wildlife on the property. The group worked diligently and completed most of the projects with big smiles on their faces.

Since the first part of the trip was fast paced the leaders wanted to ensure that the group got to relax and enjoy their final time in nature. After the students set up camp and helped make dinner the group spent the evening in the warming hut surrounding a fire that they built while enjoying each others company, staying nice and toasty. Overall, it was an amazing trip!

Written by field instructor Jackie Chill



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