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STRIVE Prep – RISE CAP Students Share Favorite Moments at Calwood!

STRIVE Prep- Rise CAP Students Share Favorite Moments from their Weekend at CalwoodOur Calwood camping trip was a new fun experience for everyone. Through the cold days and nights we enjoyed hiking, exploring the mica cave, learning how to filter stream water, playing camouflage, and cooking together.  Here is what some of the STRIVE Prep -RISE CAP students had to say about their first trip:

“My favorite part of the Cottonwood camping trip was being able to hike up the mountain. The view from the top of the mountains was amazing and really refreshing. The air would hit you and you could feel yourself relax.”

“The best part of the Cottonwood trip was hiking. In the hike I got to explore new areas and beautiful places that I have never seen before. I enjoyed the view of the mountains and the river. I also enjoyed the trip and different places we stopped at throughout the hike because there was different views.”

“I really enjoyed the hike in the beginning of the trip. Even though my legs hurt, it was fun, and I enjoyed talking to the people around me the most. I also enjoyed all of the meals that Cottonwood provided.”

“One of the most memorable parts about the CAP trip was participating in the service project. To much of our surprise, it was pretty fun and was a great team building activity!  We practiced the fireman’s line technique while making firewood piles.”

STRIVE Prep- Rise CAP Students Share Favorite Moments from their Weekend at CalwoodMy favorite thing about the field trip was the big chain of events that have been leading up to this, I most liked the wood [service project] part of the field trip. We all worked together and showed no sign of regret and how we were helping the environment by putting a bunch of branches and sticks in a pile and after [that] we worked together bringing up logs from place to place to end it off, it was painful but completely worth it.”

“My favorite part of the camping trip to Calwood would be when we spent our last couple of hours doing service work in return for Calwood as they let us camp in their property. I really liked this part of the trip because instead of just for our favor of going on a trip, we contributed back to Calwood’s needs and worked. It took a toll on our bodies, but it was something really fun. We got to pass logs and make big stacks of wood to contain forest fires. Just the fact that we gave back to the community makes me relax and feel strongly that I did something good. Honestly, it was fun with teamwork.”

Thanks for a great time Calwood. Until next time!

Written by STRIVE Prep – RISE CAP class students.
See more photos from our trip here!


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