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Rocky Mountain Rescue Group

When your butt is on the line, it is comforting knowing that Boulder is home to one of the finest search and rescue teams in the country. On Wednesday, Alex Hearn, from the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group (a.k.a. RMR) gave the Community Adventure Program the real dirt on their elite crew of dedicated volunteers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Alex, who woke up Wednesday morning battling the flu, came through for the class and kept his commitment in a stunning display of strength, stamina, and courage. CAP students were enlightened by the history of RMR, dazzled by the rescue statistics of Boulder County, awe-struck by jaw dropping descriptions of actual rescue missions, and relieved to receive advice for how to avoid becoming RMR

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  1. Dave Christenson

    Rocky Mountain Rescue Group (RMRG) is an all volunteer non-profit corporation, saving lives and seeing Colorado by headlamp since 1947. RMRG volunteers give about 15,000 hours per year rescuing, training, providing public outdoor recreation safety education, and in associated preparations. RMRG accepts tax deductible donations from the public, which is a significant source of RMRG’s budget. For more information on RMRG or to donate online, visit http://www.RockyMountainRescue.org

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