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Nature Awareness Activities in Tantra Park

CAP students braved the 35-degree weather today to learn nature awareness and stalking techniques in Trantra Park. We were privileged to have Michael Jospe, educator and survival instructor, share his knowledge and wisdom of how to increase our awareness of the natural world by awakening our senses, using wide-angle visioning, and moving silently through the wilderness. Below is a photo of a predator/prey stalking game that we played today. Colin is trying to stealthily sneak up on Cailin without being heard while T. is refereeing and calling people out when Cailin points at them. The CAP would like to thank Michael for generously donating his time and giving us new tools to explore the outdoors

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3 Responses to “Nature Awareness Activities in Tantra Park”

  1. Coral

    Todays nature awareness activity at tantra was awsome. i had alot of fun and i felt that i was able to connect with nature and myself. the activities helped me to clear my mind from petty thought and see the big picture with wide angle vision. if this class is offered again i will sugest to all new vista students to take it.

  2. cailin

    HEY THATS ME IN THE PIC!! (the blindfolded one)
    Wednesday’s adventure was so awesome!! i really got to connect with nature and learn how to blend in with the landscape and basically become one with everything. WE learned how to walk without making noise and how to awaken our senses! The game we are playing in the picture is so fun, but i wasn’t too good at it! It was really cold! But–hey–it was still totally awesome. I agree with coral- everyone should take this class because it kicks tooshie!

  3. eric

    I agree with Cailen and Coral. Those games were outrageous fun! (It was also outrageously cold.) But hey we had fun! I liked the part where we hid from morgan. that was great fun. ya.


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