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Introduction to CAP Website

Welcome again to the Community Adventure Program!  Students:  I would like to hear some feedback from you on what your initial impressions of the course are.  I encourage you to comment on what you hope to gain by taking this course, and to describe what positive skills and attributes you may be able to contribute to the community action project that we will undertake this quarter.  You may also comment on one of the daily quotes that are posted to this website.

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2 Responses to “Introduction to CAP Website”

  1. sara c


    In response to the August 17th quote, I have another quote: “Meaning is not in things but in between them.” -Norman Brown

    I heard that one more than a year ago and I’m still not sure if I agree with it, but for some reason I really like it. It’s an interesting thing to think about.

  2. Daniel

    Well hi. I found out how to type in a comment and that’s what you wanted. I don’t know what to say though.


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