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Your words say it all… Thanks for an amazing quarter, Paige.

“When someone takes action on something they are passionate about, the final product can be one that is very influential and astounding…From goofy games to lengthy talks about trees’ rights, CAP has opened my eyes to the wonders and beauties in nature. Not only that, but also to the very apparent harms and dangers that we as a race continue to spread and feed. We are on the eve of a social revolution. Change is in the air, and it has been on its way. It is our time to join this change, and to water and feed it. We are the ones who are ready to break the norms that we have lived by for decades. Be ready for the wave to hit, because when it does, the world as a whole will come together to help our planet thrive.” ~ Will Barrett.

“I was psyched when we chose this issue [over-consumption] for our action project and it was encouraging to know other people cared about it too. In the time period between first becoming interested in the topic, to actively working on it in the class, I was teeter-tottering between making myself ignore it in the community and to feeling extremely helpless and angry at the people who over-consumed. CAP has helped me stay consistent in my desire to have a more positive impact on the world. I have been able to discover that we play an essential role in the world as individuals, and we can make a difference. But I have also learned that it’s important not to discourage yourself harshly with the big idea of what’s going on environmentally.” ~Olive

“This class helped me become aware of the issues facing us today and how they can affect our future. It amazed me how many people consume so much, just in the U.S. … I learned that recycling isn’t always the answer and first we must learn how to reduce and reuse…I have learned so much about how to educate people I find myself randomly saying facts about trash and recycling… In the end this class has been one of the most educational and spiritual experiences of my life. It wasn’t even a math, science, or history class that provided me with knowledge in place that are relative to life. It’s sad to see the class ending and I am excited for the next time to build new bonds with more people.” ~Aren Dalloul.

“This class helped raise my awareness on the important environmental issues affecting my community. I really want to do something to reduce me own ecological footprint. For me I like to help by riding my bike, skating, or taking the bus… I am constantly talking to my family and friends about a number of issues that we discussed in this class. I also hope to lead by example. I believe that I was part of a great class that not many students have the opportunity to experience. I think that all New Vista High School students should take this class before they graduate. The Community Adventure Program was an amazing experience that gave me a lot of information and knowledge about wilderness skills and community issues.” ~Charles Shanahan

“CAP has been a great class. The overnights were a whole lot of fun. It was great to see the group become friends and learn how to work together. I wish we had more time. I really enjoyed the class and would take CAP 2 if it was offered. I learned and used more real world skills and worked to actually make a difference. I made a few friends and had some interesting discussions. Thank you for teaching CAP.” ~ Brynn Reiff

“Before this class I used multiple plastic bags to carry my lunch in just one day. I brought a plastic water bottle and a hot drink in a disposable cup. I threw everything away, took 20 minute showers, and bought severely over-packaged products. My lifestyle now has not become any more difficult but it is much less wasteful… I feel as though my new found passion to help the environment and my positive attitude will help me once I have left CAP… CAP has been such a wonderful experience and I will carry all that I learned and accomplished with me.” ~Aleyna Porreca

“This class defininetly helped me see the bigger picture in Boulder, and throughout the country. I see where I stand and I understand it. I have brief moments where I realize I actually mean something among the abundance of life and commotion… This class really helped me put myself into a state of being where community means something more than a barbeque. It means taking resposibility and considering each other’s place in the world, and incorporating those thoughts into your everyday lifestyle. All in all, this over all of my classes has had the largest impact onĀ  my life, and it probably will for the rest of my life. No regrets. No dissatisfactions. This class was sweet.” ~ Keelan Sears.

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