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First Quarter Update

The first quarter of the Community Adventure Program 2008-2009 has been action packed!! We started with getting to know each other and jumped right into local environmental issues, hiking, ecology, and choosing our action project topic! 

          As the instructor of this amazing course I am delighted to have a group of engaged, intelligent, and highly informed students. We have a versatile crew with much camping experience and an incredible knowledge of the environmental and cultural issues in the Colorado region. 

          In the first three weeks of class we hiked to Chautauqua several times, meeting up with Open Space and Mountain Parks representative Jenelle for an environmental issues hike. 

We also had a visit from Ellen Orleans of Go Boulder! who took us on a walk to explore community building, transportation, and public space. And we’ve been doing plenty of research about environmental “issues” and solutions to them.

Last week students voted on an issue to address for our class action project. It was a close race, almost a tie between “Transportation” and “Green Energy for homes,” but transportation won by two votes.

I am excited to see where the students’ channel their energy around the topic of transportation, and it will be amazing to watch the action project unfold. Our first over night is on the horizon and we will be practicing skills, scenarios, and covering camping basics to prepare.

  I’m thrilled to have such a fantastic group.  Keep up the good work and check in for more photos and updates soon!

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