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Dancing Fruits and Veggies Sighted at Exhibition Day!

The 4th quarter 2010 CAP class went out with a bang! Students chose food miles, and raising awareness about solutions to this issue, as their action project topic.. The class spent their action project week volunteering at farms, planting a square foot garden plot for tomatoes at their home garden, creating educational displays about how to eat in season, and preparing an amazing multimedia presentation for their whole school titled “The Imported Food Blues.”

The Imported Food Blues was composed by Lisa, costume design was completed by most of the class (with Mel in the lead) and the educational photos were taken and edited by Gracie and Alex. Everyone helped with the displays and the volunteering. Check out the photos and quotes below for an idea of what students did and learned this quarter in CAP!

Overall, the Community Adventure Program at New Vista taught me many things. These things are not just knowledge about the topics discussed, but knowledge of how to be a better person and how to live in our ever-changing world. It has not only opened my eyes, but my mind as well to help make our planet and our lives better.
~ Josh Smith

Through this process of doing the Action Project I learned more than I thought I would. Before this class I always said I wanted to help our community, but I never actually knew how to go about doing this. I also felt that by being a high school student my help would be turned away by un-trusting adults. Now, I know that people are very gracious of anybody who is dedicated and willing to lend a hand. I have more faith in people now, and I understand that I can make a difference even though I am only one person. That fact makes me a very happy person. ~Maddy Green

Through CAP I have seen a change in myself. This class gives character, no it builds character. It teaches you to rely on yourself but at the same time trust in others. It shows you that you can have bundles of fun without the use of substances, and it’s more fun in life without them. Some of the games we played I showed my younger brothers, when I come home they ask me to play! I am so glad that I got into this class, taking it was one of the better decisions I have made and I will have these memories, skills, and attitudes forever. ~ Leesa Esterline

We made a difference in our community. We rose above and saw what the actual problem is, and how it is broken down into many problems. I have started to recycle everything that I possibly can, I ride the bus to school, and ride my bike to the stop. I never use Styrofoam ever. All these are small steps, but if I continue with these steps, a difference will be made. I hope to continue being environmentally friendly and to use what I learned in the future to help show other people how to make a difference. We need to be aware. CAP helped me learn this, to realize that we need to change in positive ways. I hope to take this class again and again. I also hope to go on my own camping trips and use the skills I have learned. CAP was a life-changing experience for me. ~ Mel Vellinga

Like always [this was Keelan’s third time in CAP] this class has been a beautiful experience. I never get tired of the learning process I go through each time. These things I’ve learned are things that I will never forget, probably for the rest of my life. I think that if more people learn what I have, then the world will be a much better place. i can only hope that CAP continues in the future and provide for others what it has for me–True understanding and a love for that understanding. ~Keelan Sears

I feel pretty privileged to have been able to take CAP. I can do so much with what I’ve learned to help our environment. Even if it’s just telling my dad when we go shopping what we should buy because it’s locally grown. Even though we didn’t focus on bees for our action project, I find that I’m way more accepting of them and the way their lives work. I feel like if every school in Colorado alone had the opportunity to offer CAP as one of their elective classes we could achieve so much. I plan on taking what I learned and making other people aware.             ~Jen Arguello

In conclusion I think that CAP is such an awesome program to have. I am so grateful and happy I got the chance to be a part of it. I will continue convincing people to join so that they too can have the experiences I have. It has just taught me so much about the world. For me I loved this program so much because I bonded with awesome people. I learned and did a lot of things that not everyone gets to do and I learned about environmental problems and how to look at and solve them. Really that is all so important to me. Thank you so much Paige for being my teacher the last two years and helping me learn such important lessons. ~Remy Barrows-O’Neal

It’s not so much that this class really changed my views on the environmental issues of my community and the world, it’s more that this class educated me about what they are I can do about them. Also that even as a teen I have a voice in my community. ~Daisy McGuire

The CAP class has been so much fun and I’m really happy I got to take it while Paige was teaching it. If I reviewed everything I learned in this class, I would probably take up a whole page, but for now I’ll just state broad topics: environmental issues in Boulder and around the world, how to work with my classmates to get things done, how to keep peers on task, survival skills, and how to help myself and the community become more ecologically friendly. During this class I have become more optimistic about solving environmental problems and now all that needs to happen is to publicize these issues. This class has been a fantastic experience and I will use the knowledge I have taken away from it! ~Kelly Muller

To be perfectly honest at the beginning of CAP I was expecting to hate it. am not an outdoorsy type, I didn’t really like gardening or learning what was going on in the world, I would rather have stayed oblivious. After taking the class I am so happy that I did, I have learned so much and I enjoyed it a lot. During school it was the highlight of my day. I’ve learned that I actually love gardening and being outdoors. I will definitely take this class again in the future. ~Quianna Swing

Ghandi said “Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” I really like that quote some people doubt themselves with making ecological choices because they don’t think taking an extra step for mother earth is really going to do anything, but I think it is absolutely 100% important. I”m glad I I can take what I learned in CAP and pass it on to my mother who will pass it on to her friends and hopefully will start a chain reaction of earth-conscious people. This class has done things for me I never expected it would and I’m really glad I took it and will be sure to pass it on to others. ~Gracie Currier-Tait

Usually I feel like what we learn in school is about something far away or unrelated. But the issue of food miles really hit home for me because it’s something we can take action on. This class was one of the best ones of taken at New Vista. It’s something so unique in our school. Even though it wasn’t a core academic class I feel I’ve learned more in this class than any others, and they are all things I can use in my life.~Joe Regur

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