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CAP Week in Review

This week, students conducted research for the Organic Resource Guide they are compiling for their Community Action Project. A rough outline for the guide was created and students broke up sections to research based on what interested them the most.

On Wednesday, we had an awesome presentation by Jessie Stoner about various snow shelters, information for how to build each shelter, and the cultural history of each shelter. Jessie then facilitated an interactive challenge for students to build an igloo with sugar cubes and glue. The first team to finish won all kinds of candy and Jessie put together a huge resource binder with an annotated bibliography for future classes to consult. Great job Jessie!

We also spent Wednesday morning breaking into cook/sleep groups and making preparations for our upcoming winter camping overnight. When all of that was completed, I gave the students a card to make a homemade inclinometer to measure slope angles. Students also broke up into groups to play a new and improved version of our weekly Snow Sense quiz. This week each team was given 1000 points to wager with and could bet points before each question was asked. In the end, Misra, Chandra, and Alys won the get out of journal free cards because they answered the final question about the stratigraphy test correctly

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