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CAP 3rd Quarter Wrap Up

“The act of putting into your mouth what the earth has grown, is perhaps your most direct interaction with the earth.” ~Francis Moore Lappe

During third quarter, or “Winter” CAP students decided to focus their action project efforts on Food Miles. After much discussion and deliberation students chose to prepare (and repair) the existing garden at New Vista High School (created by 4th quarter CAP 2009) for the 2010 growing season! In addition students came together to build a tool-shed for garden tools and other supplies.

In order to complete their goals students collaborated with several different community members and organizations. From volunteering hours at Growing Gardens in exchange for fencing, mulch, and seedlings, to connecting with Patrick Padden of Sunrise Ranch to learn about permaculture gardening techniques and apply them in the garden students learned a great deal about how growing food locally. To build the tool-shed students researched building plans and looked at other tool-sheds for ideas. Students also procured the materials for the tool shed.

This action project could not have been complete with out the time, dedication, and inspiring willingness of parent volunteer Jon Hall, who is a carpenter. Jon volunteered 8 + hours of time to help us create a tool-shed and teach students about building throughout the process.

Many thanks to all the incredible community members who are always willing to help students make their action projects a success.

Here are a few of the thoughts from students from the third quarter CAP class:

“With all the things that I learned in this CAP class I know that I have made a difference and will make a difference in my community. Since starting this CAP class I have built a compost bin, planted seeds, talked to my friends about our environmental impact, started recycling more, avoiding food with excessive packaging, staying away from most fast food, and in general beings aware of EVERY SINGLE THING I do having an environmental impact… I will make a difference in my community by setting an example of someone who can still live their life just as well without giving in to all the luxuries our society has forced upon us. With all the knowledge I have gained from this course, the most valuable piece of information I learned was that I can and WILL make a difference in my community.” ~ Jonah Eskin

Cap class was a nice change from my regular classes. I thought it had a lot more depth than some other classes, and that the weekend overnights were a good opportunity. The action project taught me a lot about causing change. I also learned a lot from the weekend overnights even though I have taken many backpacking trips with my family. I learned that I have a large environmental footprint and that yes, there is something I can do about it. I am trying to convince my parents to begin buying local, organic food. This class helped raise my awareness of environmental and social issues that I take part in every day.” Evan Blum

“The overall experience of this class was very overwhelming but totally worth it. It takes a lot of effort and s requires leaderships skills, problem solving skills, team work,and many others. I feel by joining this class I began to become closer to nature and have it be a close friend of mine. I believe that some of the students were not totally committed to the class and over time this became frustrating! I learned a lot about people and how not everyone can have the dedication to school that some people do. I think that as a person I have become MUCH more aware of environmental issues and by passing this information on to my family we are making efforts together.” ~Maddie Dana

“This class has opened my¬† mind to the possibility that one person can make a difference and that doing small things still has an effect. I also realized that high school students have a strong voice and people will listen to you if you use it. Before this class I thought of myself as educated about the environment and now I have even more knowledge and ability to make a change in my lifestyle.” Liam Dodd.

“I learned a lot about the environment from our guest speakers. I used to think that we had an unlimited amount of resources, and it didn’t matter that much if you threw away one plastic bottle when it could have been recycled. This class has made me recycle and use less resources, because I know understand the consequences of seemingly insignificant actions.” ~Ben Nageler

“I’ve always wanted to have a garden and it really makes me happy that New Vista is just that cool that we have one and we got to work on it. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life before this class. But now I know I want to help this earth stay alive in anyway possible. There’s so much I could do to help and I just have to find one thing that makes me really happy and do it… I really have enjoyed this class. People I thought I would hate have now become my friends. I’ve learned to accept people as they are and that will really help me the rest of my life.” ~Kelly Percy

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