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CAP-15 Pre-Course Survey, 1st Quarter 2007

Welcome to the Community Adventure Program. Before we get started, we
need to get some feedback about your outdoor experience, your thoughts
about the environment, the community, etc. Please answer this survey
honestly and to the best of your ability. The good folks who fund this
class use this information to assess the performance of the class and
this information will help us acquire new grants. Please Click Here To Take The Survey.

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2 Responses to “CAP-15 Pre-Course Survey, 1st Quarter 2007”

  1. Monica

    We went on a trip to a place in Golden to hike. It was a short but fun hike. I liked it becuase it gave me a taste of what were going to be dong this qtr. I got really car sick i think and dizzy because i did’nt bring water. So, next time i would remember to bring alot and i can’t wait to go on the next trip.


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