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A Brilliant Year of CAP

When I started teaching at New Vista High School in the fall of 2008 I didn’t know what to expect. I was excited about the idea of working with high school students, and nervous about teaching again since I’d taken almost a two year break. In my wildest dreams I couldn’t have anticipated what a fantastic experience it would be to work with such inspiring, motivated, and wonderful students. I tell all of my students, amidst their groans and gripes about the assignment, that one of my favorite moments of each quarter is the day I sit down at the end of our time together to read their final reflection papers. Fourth quarter was no exception, here are a few highlights from your work. Thank you for a stellar end to an exciting year, Paige.

This quarter in CAP class I learned and loved so much more than I ever have before. I never realized that I could take so much out of just a high school class. But, I guess you should never say never, because CAP changed my mind. I feel so aware about so many things that I never even had thought about before. Simple things, like un-plugging appliances when they are not in use, and not using disposable plastic bottles. I’ve learned to respect bees and try to buy local whenever I can. I can honestly say I’ve never been loaded with so much interesting and useful information before in my life. The biggest impact that CAP has made on me though is that I care. I care when people don’t recycle, and I care about our bee populations. I’ve realized during this short quarter that there is so much I can do to change the world, to impact the earth in so many different ways. I took so much out of CAP, and the best thing is that I can give so much back. ~ Abby Heath

When I first came into CAP, I thought we would be learning about how to survive in the wild and about keeping ourselves safe. In away that was partly right, but we learned much more than that. We learned that to help ourselves in the best way, we need to first help our environment and everything in it. CAP has been a very inspirational class for me. ~ Song Candea.

Currently, I recycle and compost, I try to take the bus, bike, and carpool. But since starting this class I’ve been watching myself… During this class I really saw how students want to help the community and treat the world better. Because of this class I have really opened my eyes to what I can do, and I know I can make a difference because I’m not the only one trying. ~Becca Miick

CAP has shown me the potential that all human beings have. I have learned to have faith and trust in people and to have faith in myself as well. I’ve heard many people speak of their dislike of the human race; of themselves, their own ignorance and arrogance and wasteful tendencies. We have changed our world and look down upon ourselves for doing it. But I believe we have the potential to change it back. If we act with consideration, with knowledge, with awareness and respect for our planet and each other we can change the world in different ways, in better ways. ~ Lindsey Quakenbush

The Community Adventure Program class, as a whole, was an absolutely amazing experience that I hope to repeat in the future… In that first day attending class I wasn’t super psyched about the other people in the class. I only really knew two of them and even them I didn’t know well. We didn’t hang out with the same people or have the same hobbies, or share any apparent interests, so why would I be excited? My first impression couldn’t have been more wrong. Out of this group of kids who, only a few seemed to “fit together,” an amazing connection bloomed around our shared concern and interest in the environment around us… I mean everyone in the class I feel I’ve made some sort of a connection with, one that I didn’t have before. And all the while we also got to make a difference. This by far was one of the most influential and enjoyable times of my school career. ~Jordan

Although I may be repeating myself, this is my summary of CAP class. I have learned about myself and what I am capable of and I have learned skills for camping and gardening. I will always use these skills throughout my life. I am grateful for this class because it has made me realize that I can branch out and meet more people who I want to be friends with. I want to be outside more now, and learn more about camping and the outdoors. Thanks for providing me with this wonderful opportunity. ~ Malcolm Marshall

In my opinion school is boring. When I think about school I picture myself sitting in a classroom bored out of my mind messing with the paper clip or pencil I am usually playing with–but not fourth period. Fourth period is great! To me, “school” ends at 12:05. After that I have lunch and then CAP, which is not thumb twiddling or paperclip bending boring. It’s actually really fun and during a regular school day. Our class is so close and open with each other. Our class has been through rain, shine, and snow, each bump just makes us closer and stronger. I really enjoyed CAP this quarter and I am excited to take it next year! Ian Nagel-Brice

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  1. Ford Church

    I am incredibly impressed with what you guys accomplished in such a short class. The comments from your reflection papers are amazing and you are the prime example of what we are up to with the Cottonwood Institute. Keep changin’ the world!


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